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We are devoted to the spread of knowledge of astronomy
& actively working in purely scientific temperament.

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We undertake initiatives to create a launch pad into the world of Astronomy. Our activities are structured to induce the curiosity amongst the masses. Activities such as stargazing sessions, study visits and lecture series create a unique attitude towards space sciences. This enables bringing Astronomy to fit within a sphere of understanding which benefits every individual.


Astrotainment means approaching Astronomy through entertainment. It is our flagship program in accordance with our motto- Science and creativity hand in hand.
Astrotainment is a regularly organised, yearly camp of Astron. The two days camp is open for all. It includes wonderful programs such as, visit to astronomy oriented places like GMRT. Interaction with experts coupled with activities such as film screenings, games, debates and discussions formulate the program. Overnight stargazing and telescopic observations of planets, nebulas, star clusters, galaxies and supernovas uplifts the enthusiasm of the participants.
This annual event has provided an amazing experience to the participants from almost all age groups. Dedicated two days and one night for Astronomy takes the participants to the unfolding of space-marvels leading to leading to wonderful realisations of not only about space but also about themselves.

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Astronight (Overnight Stargazing Event)

Overnight stargazing event is organised seasonally (October to May) at the light depleted locations possibly at a hilltop for a dark starry night. The event is full of presentations, films, briefings, discussions and telescope sessions. Learn the summer & winter constellations with stories of Greek and Indian mythology related to the constellations. It is a special bus tour from the city to the location appropriate for stargazing. Our experience is that this event facilitates knowing the likeminded people and enjoyment of night out.

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Short Sessions of Stargazing

A two hour program is organized for the audience at the places even in the city such as society terrace, playground, garden etc. It includes a briefing session along with a small presentation/ film regarding the topic followed by telescopic observation of the specific object. Our program conducted with such customised content include-
1. Program on Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus
2. Program on Moon
3. Program on International Space Station
4. Program on Orion Nebula, Pleiades
5. Program on Sun

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Astronomical event : Special programs

Astronomical events sparks an interest in the mind. We conduct programs on astronomical events such as solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, planetary conjunctions and oppositions, meteor showers, comet appearances, transits to name a few.
The location of the program is chosen to provide an optimum visibility.

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School Workshops

The students are involved into various astronomy activities which provides them hands on experience along with the exposure to the field of Astronomy. Through these workshops, the students gain new perspective on science and it helps them develop scientific temperament. At the end of the workshop they get to take away the models they have made. The workshop targets student from 7th to 9th Std.

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Study tours to astronomical places

We offer study tours which prove to be an effective method to learn and know about astronomy. These tours are arranged on pre-registration basis and depends on obtaining relevant permissions as most of the sites are declared as of national importance.
The locations for our study tours are science museums, observatories, science parks, planetariums, science institutions, scientific research organisations. Crater sites and other locations connected to astronomy.

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We offer lectures on various topics related to astronomy on invitation by schools, colleges, groups, organisations etc. The audio-visual presentations specially created for the lectures enable the participants to grasp the topic in effective manner. Some of the topics we have covered so far include:
• Introduction to Astronomy
• Introduction to Cosmology
• The Solar System
• Fate of the Universe
• Life of Star
• The mysterious Dark Matter
• The Search for Life in the Universe
• Light as a cosmic time Machine
• Positional Astronomy
• The large scale structure of the universe
• Hot Big Bang Model
• Galaxies
And many more…
We can arrange a lecture on other relevant topics also and we categorically attempt to provide content-full presentations followed by Q & A session and discussion.

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Street Shows

We arrange free street shows by setting up the telescope at the road sides and public places arising an interest in astronomy to a common man. The celestial objects for the telescopic observation can be moon, Saturn, Jupiter or Venus. We organise street shows on demand also.

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